Project ‘Ondertussen’

Project ‘Ondertussen in de Spaarndammerbuurt’

Project Meanwhile in the Spaarndammerbuurt makes art and therefore organizes meetings between old and new residents, business owners in the Spaarndammerbuurt and future residents of Amsterdam and the asylum center in Houthavens.
We collect stories of welcome and farewell, we leave and arrive and deal with those stories a theatrical route, visual arts, a lighthouse and more. We create an inspiring place, a space where a motley crew of artisans, entrepreneurs, artists (whether or not fled) to explore together, learn and shape. So we build a network in this evolving area.
Stories of local residents are the starting point. These sometimes mundane and extraordinary stories we design with musicians, visual artists and theater makers. But neighborhood guides, artisans and postmen join. In this way we want to close personal and community reveal.

There are three images made by artists of Reality. Images that arise in the area and will make a trip through the neighborhood and the city.
One of the pictures is the image Lighthouse. A lighthouse is an image into reality and tales of a safe arrival, joy when you see the light in a stormy sea, a port where it is good. Welcome.
Inspired by the Amsterdam School style has Nosrat Mansouri designed the Lighthouse.
A tribute to the imagined ideals of the Amsterdam School and a gesture from this area to the new refugee residents of the city, the future residents of the asylum seekers’ center in the Houthaven.
Ondertussen 01