Two girls from two different countries and cultures have chosen to flee, because of their social status.They meet accidentally beside a river and we as viewers are witnesses of how they influence each others lives.

Synchronized is selected in the main selections of two International film festivals ” Scenecs and MIC Género” and has screened in The Netherlands and Mexico.

Director: Farhad Vilkiji




Director Statement

Sometimes the locations are a nest sites for our stories.
Marching through my thoughts and dreams.
These stories come together in such an environment and sometimes they collide and eventually they come together as small streams and eventually form a large river.
As I walked along the river in Wageningen, I had a vision about migration and how people forced to leave their own country, with all the faith and wants to move until they come, where they find a new home.
This applies to all nations and races, do not matter where you come from.
The key is to be aware and knowing continue.
Sometimes people ask me here, “you also have schools in Iran?” or “Travel with your camels around there?” or …
I wanted to make this film that “camel travel”, the rest has no impact on your education, your experience with the world and your business sense. (By the way, we do not travel with Camel!)
Here we see a determined woman by her experiences in life, knows exactly what she wants, although she is originally from a village.
Farhad Vilkiji, 2014